About Stenton Corp.

For a professional finish, think Stenton Corporation. For more than three decades, award-winning Stenton Corporation has provided exceptional painting to commercial, institutional, and light industrial clients across the Delaware Valley.

Stenton Corporation thrives because we deliver more than you expect. Our owners personally ensure satisfaction from a professional start to a beautiful finish. Our skilled crews pursue perfection, whether it’s traditional painting or the very newest coating techniques. Our schedules meet yours, as do our budgets, We’re not only insured and bonded, we set new standards for job site safety.

“We pride ourselves on setting and achieving very high standards at Stenton. Courtesy, Professionalism, being Punctual-these are all reasons why our clients choose us over and over again.”

Nick Scarpone, Vice-President, Stenton Corporation

At Stenton Corp., we put our clients first. We provide impeccable commercial, institutional, and light industrial painting services. When you work with us you will learn that we are:

Personal. Our owners personally ensure you’re completely satisfied with a fast start to a beautiful finish. Repeat customers – and there are quite a few — say we’re upbeat team players who are easy to work with.

Skilled. We love our jobs, get excited about them every day and shoot for perfection in all we do.

Smart. We offer the very newest techniques and meet special needs of all kinds – LEED specs, epoxy floor coatings, repainting occupied spaces. design consultation and much more.

Efficient. We set a schedule and stick to it. We suit your timetable even if your space is occupied, available only after hours or opening for business next week.

Economical. We know your painting dollars have to make sense, so our budget accommodates your bottom line.

Safe. We’re insured, bonded, OSHA-certified fully trained and earn state safety accreditation every year. You’ll look far and wide to find a company as committed to safety as Stenton.

Our clients are a cross-section of industries in the Delaware Valley: construction, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, corporations, educational institutions, governments, retail entities, and entertainment complexes.


Below are just a few of our clients.

  • A&E Construction Co.
  • Abington Hospital
  • Acorn Development Co.
  • Balton Construction
  • Bittenbender Construction
  • Bustleton Services
  • Clemens Construction
  • Cyma Builders
  • Dale Corporation
  • Donald Reissienger, Inc.
  • Drexel Univ. Coll of Medicine
  • Florkowski Builders
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center
  • Gabriel Building Group
  • Gardner Fox
  • GBuild Construction Managers
  • Gen3 Construction Company
  • General Asphalt
  • Gilbane
  • HaasPeters
  • Health Sciences Construction
  • Hunter Roberts
  • Intech Construction Co.
  • Jeffery M Brown Associates
  • John S. McManus, Inc.
  • Lakash Constructors
  • LaMarra, Inc.
  • LF Driscoll Construction
  • Lorenzon Brothers C).
  • Magnum. Inc.
  • Massimino Bldg. Corp.
  • Merion Construction
  • MJ Settelen Construction. LLC
  • Murphy Quigley
  • Nason Construction, Inc.
  • Northeast Construction
  • Norwood Company
  • P Agnes, Inc.
  • P.J. Dick Inc.
  • Pancoast and Clifford
  • Patriot Construction
  • PC Construction & Mgt. Inc.
  • Penn Construction Co.
  • Penntex Construction
  • Philadelphia Park
  • RE Builders
  • Russ Kelly Associates
  • Rycon Construction
  • Spring Garden Construction
  • Structuretone
  • Target Building Construction
  • TE Construction
  • Terminal Construction
  • TN Ward co.
  • Univ. of Pennsylvania
  • Walter Brucker Co.
  • Whiting Turner
  • Wolfe Scott

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